School safety is always top of mind. This year's school safety and security workshop will provide current research and strategies for integrated school safety and crisis prevention, planning, and response efforts as they pertain to safety. 

Participants will learn how to establish and sustain comprehensive school safety efforts that attend to both physical and psychological safety.  This workshop addresses critical components needed to develop, exercise, and evaluate safety and plans and conduct building vulnerability assessments. Additional topics addressed also include media/social media, communication, reunification, and school culture.  Participants will be better prepared to improve their schools’ climate, students’ resilience, and crisis response capabilities of school personnel.  With updated research and strategies, this workshop makes a clear connection between ongoing crisis prevention, mitigation, protection and response.

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Target Audience: Heads of School, Security Personnel, CFOs, and others who make school security plans and decisions

Cost: NCAIS Members: $150/pp, Guests: $200/pp

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