Mandatory Reporter Webinar with Elizabeth Troutman, attorney at Brooks Pierce
Monday March 2, 2020
11 AM via Zoom (one hour long)
Cost: $125 per school
*Webinar will be recorded*
In November 2019, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted Session Law 2019-245, which changes the laws around making reports to law enforcement. Prior to this law, all individuals over 18 were required to report child abuse to the Department of Social Services. Heads of school were also (depending on interpretation) required to report certain crimes that occurred on school property. The new law increases the responsibilities for reporting significantly. All individuals over age 18 must report child abuse, sex offense against a child, and a violent offense against a child to law enforcement whether the alleged conduct occurred at school or not. Failure to report is a crime. This training will help school personnel understand what must be reported under these very broad definitions and how to report in a manner that protects the school from criminal liability.