January 15-17, 2020
Pine Needles Lodge | Southern Pines, NC

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

1:30pm     Legal Trends in Independent School Boards of Trustees | Knollwood Hall | Caryn Pass, Venable 
Legal issues facing independent schools require an increasing amount of time and attention from school administrators as well as Trustees.  As a fiduciary and trustee of the institution, it is important for board members to keep abreast of the legal issues that could face the school and pose both financial and other burdens on the institution.  Independent School Lawyer Caryn Pass will discuss the wide range of legal challenges confronting independent schools and proactive strategies that can limit liability exposure. Ms. Pass will address issues including student travel, social media, intellectual property, and transgender students & employees.

4:00pm       Break | Check-in to Lodging

5:45pm      Social | Knollwood Hall

6:30pm      Dinner & Presentation: | Ballroom B

             Current Trends in Independent School Education with Debra Wilson, President of SAIS
             Legislative Update with NCAIS Legislative Liaisons

Thursday, January 16, 2020

7:00am        Breakfast | Knollwood Hall

7:30am        Registration | Knollwood Hall

8:00am        President’s Welcome | Mark Hale | Ballroom B/C

8:15am        Risk and Crisis: A Board Member’s Reflection and A Tale of Lessons Learned  |  Ballroom B/C 
A faculty misconduct allegation is a school's worst nightmare with the potential for devastation to the school's reputation, community trust, finances, and student/faculty well-being.  No school thinks it will happen to them until it does and how it's handled from that very first moment can make all the difference. Join an NCAIS school board executive committee member who will share her school's story of navigating an unimaginable series of events. She will provide resources and insights for addressing the needs of the community, maintaining internal stability, managing costs, working with insurance companies, and effectively communicating with stakeholders and the press...including some measures you can take now to minimize your risks.

9:30am        Safeguarding Our Schools From Sexual Predators: Protecting Students Through Prevention and Response | Melanie Bennett, United Educators
Reports of sexual misconduct by educators at independent schools continue to receive national attention, leading to significant growth in expectations about how schools will handle reports of wrongdoing. An analysis of United Educators independent school claims arising out of educator-on-student sexual misconduct reveals trends that schools can proactively address. Through claims lessons and interactive scenarios, this session addresses how school leadership can maximize communication, enforce appropriate boundaries, and encourage reporting in an effort to prevent educator sexual misconduct.

10:45am        Break | Knollwood Hall 

11:00am        New Compensation Structures for Teachers: What Works and What Does Not | David Wright, Finance Director at University School | Ballroom B/C

This seminar describes the specific features of a Salary Band compensation structures for teachers that was designed and then implemented at University School, a PrK-12 grade independent all-boys school in Cleveland, Ohio. David will share the practical design, implementation and how it has evolved since implementation. He will share ‘What Works’ and avoiding ‘What Does Not’. Participants will learn the rationale behind new structure. (*Note: Part 2 will be presented Friday morning)

12:30pm        Heads Lunch & Business Meeting | Crest Dining Room, Pine Needles

                      Trustees, CFO & Business Officers Lunch & Security Presentation with Chris Joffe: Leadership Under Fire | Ballroom B/C 
During our session, we will discuss general crisis management structure and the practical reality of what schools are going to face in the event of an emergency. We will explore best practices in the prioritization of action items in a crisis, discuss business continuity plans, and unpack how to best execute the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders when responding to an emergency. While each school’s plan will be different based on their unique situation, we will use a few case studies to help continue the conversation at your school. Expect to leave with a set of action items to implement in your own community. 

1:30pm         Emerging Tuition and Pricing Models in a Disrupted Landscape | Heather Hoerle, Enrollment Management and Jeff Shields, NBOA| Ballroom B | Sponsored by Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Economic, demographic, and technological pressures are disrupting the long-held financial practices of independent schools. To study this further and support K-12 independent schools, EMA (The Enrollment Management Association) and NBOA (The National Business Officers Association) have partnered to explore the trends currently impacting the independent school business model. Join EMA’s Heather Hoerle and NBOA’s Jeff Shields as they spotlight innovations underway to address these challenges.

3:00pm         Break | Knollwood Hall 

3:15pm         Emerging Tuition and Pricing Models, continued

4:00pm         Heads: Break | Trustees and CFO/Business Officers: Adjourn

4:15pm         Wine & Wisdoms: Female Heads of School | Pine Needles In-the-Rough Lounge

5:30pm         Heads’ Social 

7:00pm         Dinner | Crest Dining Room

After Dinner   After Hours Social | Hospitality Suite | Sponsored by Lexington Independents

Friday, January 17, 2020

7:30am          Breakfast | Crest Dining Room, Pine Needles

9:00am          School Safety Report Card | Chris Joffe | Ballroom B
In this presentation, we will take a broad perspective on crisis management and school safety preparation through the lens of a “School Safety Report Card”. We will walk through visitor screening protocols, communication strategies, board safety responsibilities, and more. During our conversation, we will talk about what success looks like for each of these items, what it looks like when we still have room to grow, and how to achieve that growth. Real-world examples and case studies will help guide our time together to spark discussion and questions. Expect to leave with a set of action items to implement in your own community. 

10:30am         Break | Knollwood Hall

10:45am        Best Practices for Implementing New Compensation Structures for Teachers | Panel Discussion | 1 ½ hours
This workshop will dive into the various Band Systems. David Wright and a panel of Heads will discuss managing its implementation. Discussion will include a variety of ways to implement a Band System depending on school cultures and leadership styles of Division Directors and Department Heads

12:00pm         Lunch | Knollwood Hall
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