July 31, 2019
Carolina Friends School

8:30am          Registration

9:00am          Welcome

9:15am          Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others: DISC Results & Interpretation | Linda Nelson, Executive  Director, NCAIS
Participants in the NCAIS Institute will learn to better understand themselves and those around them in this DISC feedback session. Teachers will complete the 20-30 minute online assessment prior to the Institute and receive a complete report via email. During the session, we will deconstruct the report, helping participants gain a working knowledge of their behavioral and communication preferences. We’ll also provide practice opportunities to apply what you’ve learned. Self-awareness gained through DISC will help you acclimate successfully to your school environment and improve communication with students, parents, and colleagues.

10:15am        Break

10:30am        Overview of Independent Schools in North Carolina | Stephanie Keaney, Director of Professional Development, NCAIS
Participants will be given an overview of the educational landscape in North Carolina along with developing a clear understanding of the culture and governance structure of independent schools. Participants will conclude this session by articulating what they find most inspiring about the mission and vision of their new school. Time will also be spent exploring the staff positions that are unique to independent schools.

11:00am        Effective Parent Communication: Handling Good News, Bad News, and Everything In Between | Tim Tinnesz, Head of School at St. Timothy’s School
Many teachers find parent communication to be one of the more daunting parts of the job. Together, we'll discuss a simple strategy for handling difficult conversations, see how most independent school parent conversations will be good/positive, and we'll review best practices and case studies on email, phone, and face-to-face communication.

12:30            Lunch

1:30pm        Small Group Sessions | Participants will rotate through both:

Student & Parent Engagement | Ken Rogers, Charlotte Christian School
Participants will learn how independent school educators work to engage students and they will learn about and discuss the three dimensions to student engagement employed in classrooms. Participants will reflect on, and discuss with others, their own teaching practices that encourage engagement. Additionally, participants will explore initial ways to understand and engage independent school parents to establish a proactive, positive relationship and a strong start the school year.

Personal Reflection & Growth Mindset | Renee Prillaman, Carolina Friends School
Participants will discuss Why Teach in an Independent School and What Independent School Teachers Say about Teaching in Independent Schools. Carol Dweck and additional research on growth mindset will be used. Participants will use this discussion and take time to reflect and apply what they have learned to a case study.

3:30pm       Reflection & Next Steps | Stephanie Keaney, NCAIS

3:45pm       Adjourn

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